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go1 released

We've just tagged a new Go release: go1.
Go 1 is a major release of Go that will be stable in the long term.
It is intended that programs written for Go 1 will continue to compile
and run correctly, unchanged, under future versions of Go 1.

The Go 1 release notes list the significant changes since the last
release and explain how to update your code:

To learn about the future of Go 1, read the Go 1 compatibility document:

Go 1 is available as binary distributions for the
FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.
To install a binary distribution, follow these instructions:

If you prefer to build from source, follow these instructions:

The Go team would like to thank all our contributors from the open
source community. We could not have done it without their help.
See the full list of contributors here: http://golang.org/CONTRIBUTORS

We also thank our users. We hope you enjoy Go 1.

Have fun. (And tell your friends! ;-)


golang-devチームにとっても僕にとってもgo1 releaseは一つの区切りでしか無いでしょう。今後もまた、パッチを送りつづけるでしょう。

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